Therapy Services and Specializations

Workplace, Personal, and Complex Trauma

Relationship Specialist

Sexual Abuse and Violence

Sexual Function & Dysfunction

Sex & Porn Addiction

Indigenous Issues

Transgender Care Specialist


Complex - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

EMDR Advanced Practice Certification

Ego State Therapy

NIHB - Mental Health Provider

WCB- Mental Health Provider

Aquatera - Mental Health Provider

Internal Family Systems (IFS) 

Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focussed Individual therapy (EFIT)

Treating Insomia w/CBT & EMDR

Treating Headaches w/CBT & EMDR

EMDR/EMDR 2.0 (Intensive)/FLASH

Life Span Integration

Group Therapy

Online Therapy

Life Coaching 

PACT Level 2 Couples Therapy

Dissociative Disorders

Somatic Proccessing

Sex Offender Treatment

Board Certified Clinical Sex Therapist

Clinical Social Work Supervision

Addictions Assessment and Treatment

Domestic Violence Assessment & Treatment



Early Trauma Treatment

Psychedelic Integration

Healing Cannabis Meditation Ceremonies

Psychedelic Cannabis Facilitation Sitter/Guide/Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy

Catalogue of VR treatments available here: