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If you’re looking to stay informed about all the latest trends in the industry, then you’ve come to the right place. I provide a variety of psychology-related resources for your reading and learning pleasure, covering a broad range of subjects in the field. Browse through the resources below, and get in touch with any questions or requests you may have.


I am skilled to treat a variety of types of trauma:


  • PTSD (single event or complex)

  • Sexual abuse

  • Workplace bullying

  • First responder 

  • Domestic violence assessment & treatment

  • Dissociative disorders

  • Somatic Processing 

  • Internal Family Systems 

  • Life Span Integration

  • Self Leadership

  • Hypnosis


EMDR uses the Adaptive Information processing model to process new and old traumas by connecting four processes that trap trauma in the mind and body. These four issues are 

unwanted belief, memory or experience

a negative core belief,

emotions related to that memory

where we feel that disturbance in the body.


Here is a short video describing the EMDR process:

Couples Therapy

I am trained in Level 2 PACT Couples therapy. PACT is an Adult Attachment Approach to couples therapy. Secure functioning is the core tool for happiness and stability. Sometimes difficult attachment from child becomes the barrier to intimacy within the person's adult attachment systems.  Without secure functioning, attachment can be either Avoidant or Anxious, instead of Secure. Secure Functioning in the primary goal of the PACT process

Learn more about PACT method by clicking this link

Sex Therapy

I am a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist. I am currently working on my PhD in Clinical Sexology with specialization in Addictions & Transgender Care. I am trained to identify, assess, and treat a variety of sexual problems, including:

  • Sexual function & dysfunction

  • Sex & porn addiction

  • Spouses of addicts

  • Transgender care

  • Sexual trauma 

  • Sex offending treatment


  • Sexual shame

  • Couples & individual sexual issues



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