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Eagle Eye Lie Detection

Lie Detector testing now available

across Northern Alberta!

     EyeDetect +2.0 is the World's First Automated Polygraph and Produces the Most Accurate  Polygraph in the Industry

  • Impartial: Administration and analysis of test data is computerized.

  • Highly Accurate: Scientifically validated at 87-91%

  • Less Intrusive: Unlike a traditional polygraph, EyeDetect +2.0 measures blood pressure without an arm cuff.

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What is the EyeDetect +2.0 Lie Detector?

EyeDetect +2.0 is the world's first automated non-intrusive lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 15-30 minutes by analyzing involuntary eye behaviours using advanced AI technology. The eye tracking camera takes approximately 60 measurements per second of each eye, measuring changes in pupil dilation, blink rate and other involuntary eye movements related to detecting deception.

EyeDetect +2.0 incorporates both AI Technology and additional polygraph sensors for increased accuracy. These sensors measure blood pressure, electro-dermal activity, cardiovascular activity such as heart rate, respiration activity and body movements.

Current deception techniques for defeating a traditional polygraph will not work with EyeDetect +2.0 because deception is caught by both operator analysis and the AI computer software.


The EyeDetect +2.0 Lie Detection System produces highly accurate results to important questions.

Areas of focus for EyeDetect +2.0:

  • Child abuse

  • Domestic violence

  • Divorce disputes (hidden assets, credit cards)

  • Drug use

  • Fraud

  • Identity theft

  • Infidelity

  • Lying

  • Sexual assult

  • Sexual abuse

  • Theft

  • Armed robbery

  • Divulging confidential information

  • Unauthorized transactions

  • Relationship Conflicts

  • Pre-Employment  Screening

  • Illegal weapons possession

  • Bribes

  • Counterfeiting

  • Kidnapping

  • Money laundering

  • Felonies

  • Special Issues

  • In addition, you can determine if the suspect has knowledge under these circumstances:

    • Direct involvement

    • Indirect involvement

    • Facilitator

Regular Eye Detect +2.0 Lie Detector Fees

  • Multi issue test (up to 4 issues) - $750 + gst

  • Single issue test - $500 + gst

  • Employment pre-screener (same set of questions, groups of 5 or more people) -  $250 each person + gst


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