How long are sessions?


I believe that longer sessions spaced further apart give the best long-term outcomes for processing trauma and future success.


The average appointment lasts 1.5 hours. 

I also provide intensives for those that come from out of town or for those who want the immersive experience.

Do you take insurance?

Other than the programs listed below, I do not take insurance.

Monique is registered with Indigenous Services Canada as a mental health provider (IRS & NIHB). I accept direct billing from Aquatera.

Practice Licence

Monique's licence is an advanced clinical practice licence Registered Clinical Social Worker RCSW, MSW.

Candace's licence is RSW Registed Social Worker, BSW.

If you are unsure if your insurance will cover your appointment, consult with your insurance company. Most clients pay directly for each session and get reimbursed through their insurance claims process. 

I take Debit, Credit or Email transfers to and cash.


Please consult with me if you have any questions about payment.

How will I know that I am ready to process my trauma with a therapist?

When traumatic symptoms and memories can no longer be ignored, and your life has settled down enough that you can focus on processing traumatic experiences. I will help you assess your readiness for trauma therapy.


Fees for Services

Monique: $175.00/hour billed by 1/2 hour

Candace: $125/hour billed by 1/2 hour

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